One Direction's visit to the iCarly set to film their guest-slot seems to have spread joy and sunshiney warmth to absolutely everyone involved.

The man behind iCarly, Dan Schneider, posted these links to some snaps on Facebook of the boys on the iCarly set, from his Twitter account (@DanWarp), that's some intense social networking for you right there.

one direction on the set of icarly in america

The pictures are from the filming of the boys' episode, 'iGot Jungle Worms', which sounds way too complex for us to even begin to try and understand.

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One Direction on the set of iCarly

The boys' appearance has caused a bit of drama amongst the 1D fandom; as fans protest Harry getting a bigger role than the rest of the boys. This comes after reports from America say that the boys' US management is pushing for Harry to be seen as a lead singer.

It all seems a bit of a headache, so we're just going to focus on the boys looking fit with some teddies for now.


That's better.

PIC: One Direction with Miranda Cosgrove on iCarly

One Direction's iCarly storyline

VIDEO: One Direction mania takes over iCarly

Images: Facebook / @DanWarp

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