Louis Tomlinson has always been an intense bloke. When he does something he'll give it 100%; stripes for instance, or telling jokes, or Harry Styles.

We noticed that he was really giving it his all when One Direction were on their Up All Night tour, and pulled some pretty full-on facial expressions as he was losing himself in the poetic throes of Na Na Na.

louis tomlinson intense faces

So to warm our hearts on this chilly afternoon, we've put together our favourite intense faces from the lovely Louis, and invite you to join us looking at them.

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louis tomlinson on tour with one direction

We're gonna put it out there and say that this will be the best thing you decide to do all day.

Click next for the INTENSE JOY.

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louis tomlinson intense face
louis tomlinson intense face

So intense he needed to hold on to his leg for support!

louis tomlinson singing on one direction tour
louis tomlinson singing with one direction solo
louis tomlinson intense face on one direction tour
louis tomlinson instense face

A short but sweet journey through scrunched up pleasure.

Tweet him the link why don't ya, let him see how much we appreciate him.

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