Sadly for France but joyously for us, One Direction left Paris yesterday and caught the Eurostar back to London for their appearance on ITV's This Morning... this morning.

The boys were snapped at Gare Du Nord station before they caught the Sexy Express. Or whatever their Eurostar name was.

liam payne and zayn malik in paris with one direction

Clearly Zayn thinks he's already riding the train, and the excitement's all getting a bit too much for him.

one direction leaving paris on the eurostar

For those who were missing Zayn and Liam in the pictures of the boys out and about in Paris yesterday, you can REJOICE today as these two take up most of the pics of the boys heading to the train station.

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zayn malik. nial horan fromone direction catching the eurostar from paris to london

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zayn malik catching the eurostar from paris to london


 We see Zayn's gone for the wine coloured trousers. A fine choice. He must've fit right in with all the connoisseurs in Paris.


liam payne and zayn malik leaving paris with one direction


The 6th and 7th members of One Direction; Baz and Gaz. They're not allowed to be in the videos or make any public appearances, but are actually the secret angelic voices behind all the high notes.


one direction at gare du nord in paris


Are you excited to see the boys back in the UK? As we said, they've got aninterview airing on ITV this morning. Hurrah!

One Direction out and about in Paris

One Direction showing their true colours

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