The Directors cut for One Direction’s music video Gotta Be You has been released and it’s a whole minute longer, because there are some cracking outtakes at the end of it.

But more importantly there are black and white shots strewn throughout that we’re sure will tickle your fancy.

One Direction in new Gotta Be You Direction's Cut

It’s basically the same concept as the original music video; Liam looking like he’s going to cry, Harry riding a moped, Louis driving a Mini. But they took out Niall playing his guitar at the beginning though, which we thought was a bit rude.

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Anyway, in this version there is another, very important sub-plot running through the video, in that Zayn really fancies a girl, but she’s a little bit of a two timer. About 3 minutes in, you can see Zayn’s heart actually break at this realisation. Obviously this was all conveyed through moody looks at the ground and other fabulous acting skills, but it’s harrowing stuff.

We were also just wondering how much they had to pay Taylor Lautner to star in their video and run through fields holding Zayn’s hand.

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Zayn Malik in One Direction's Gotta Be You Directors Cut Music Video

We didn’t realise Taylor was into dressing in girls clothes but whatevs.

Oh, wait..

Take a look at the tres exciting directors cut of Gotta Be You below.

Now, don’t get us wrong, we LOVE One Direction, but those black and white shots have got to be damn near the cheesiest thing we’ve seen in a while. Jealously has nothing to do with it ladies, it’s just not our cup of tea.

Oh, and one more thing; only Zayn Malik can make the stolen-your-nose game look cool. That is all.

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