Holy moly, it’s a brand new One Direction video! We actually put down our cup of tea and chocolate biscuit to watch it, and that rarely happens. Would you believe us if we said the video is absolutely awesome? Well, it is.

Harry Styles in the new One Direction video

It’s full of heaps of funny things, like Louis running up a wall, Niall hiding behind his hoodie like a secret agent, Harry and Zayn doing some of the best dance we have ever seen and Liam throwing a peace sign. Because he’s, you know, peaceful.

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The only thing we were slightly confused at was the fact that is isn’t really a behind the scenes video, but we suppose it does have some behind the scenes shots nicely edited in with a live performance.

It’s actually pretty snazzy when you think about it.

And FYI, this video was tweeted for the US Directioners, but we thought we’d share the love and say it is for all. Huzzah!

So, curb your enthusiasm enough to watch the video and then go completely bonkers. That’s what we did.

Isn’t it brilliant? Did you spot anything else hilarious in the video that you’d like to share with us all? Go ahead, you know you want to.

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What do you think?