Last week we gave you the first edition of Marcus Collins: Marcusmind, and BOY DID YOU LOVE IT.

In between getting ready to release his debut album, bracing himself before he pops out his first single and touring around the country with the X Factor folk, Marcus has filmed another installment for us - this time, it's all about The X Factor.

marcus collins

We learn all about the catfights backstage, who slept with who, who danced naked in Simon Cowell's changing room and how drunk Louis Walsh got on Sunday afternoons.

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OK, that's a lie, but Marcus does say some very nice things about Gary Barlow.

We've got more of these to come as we'll be sharing Marcusmind videos for the next two weeks!

Marcus' debut single Seven Nation Army is released on March 4th, which is taken from his album Marcus Collins out on March 12th.

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