McFly have once again shown everyone that not only are they gorgeous, but giving too, after helping to selec three unsigned artists to crown winners of Next BRIT Thing - a national music competition for 11-19 year olds backed by the UK music industry, The BRIT Awards and the Government.


mcfly judging next brit thing

All the contestant seemed to leave Dougie feeling a bit inadequate, as he tweeted;

"Just been judging some awesome young dudes for Next Brit Thing. Put my bass playing to shame!"

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The boys helped pick Paul Shelvin as the winner of the general category;

mcfly with paul shelvin at the next brit thing 2012

...Sarah Gardner as the classical winner, and the band Floodliners for the songwriting category.

"We just judged at The Next Brit Thing and met some exceptionally talented people," tweeted Tom after the show.

"Seriously awesome!!

"Saw some amazing female guitarists tonight too...i need to practice!"

the next brit thing 2012

How wise and musical of them.

Anything that gets McFly in more leather than a cow-field is a winner with us.

For more info on the competition, click here

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