Over in the States, One Direction have been doing pretty darn well, what with their album going to number one and getting tweets from celebrities.

And while this is all brilliant and we are so proud of them, it sounds like the fans in New York are getting a bit over excited about the lads being in their city and it’s actually becoming a bit of a safety issue.

One Direction's security being stepped up

You see, according to the Metro, One Direction have been ordered to stay inside, after a record breaking 15,000 strong crowd came to watch them perform on The Today Show.

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And then, poor Niall Horan was mobbed as he tried to take some snaps of Times Square and he had to return to his hotel with his minder, according to Now.

We presume when they said 'minder' they meant a bodyguard as apposed to a babysitter.

And the drama didn’t stopped there.

When Niall got back to the hotel, which was surrounded by fans, more pandemonium ensued.

A witness told the Metro: ‘Fans were crying and shaking when they caught a glimpse of the band. It was very surreal.

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‘Others were banging on the glass of the windows and hotel managers were worried they would smash the glass.’


So according to Now, One Direction’s management are going to be stepping up the security for the boys, to make sure their beautiful faces are left unscathed.

One Direction security to be stepped up

We love that people across the pond are totally in love with One Direction, but Liam, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Louis definitely won’t be able to come out and meet their adoring fans if they start rioting just to catch a glimpse of them.

One Direction may have to start calling themselves Ian, Barry, Kyle, Wayne and Hughy and go out in disguises just so they can get down the street.

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

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