The press are having a lovely time trying to get One Direction and The Wanted to have a massive boyband fight. We find this upsetting for two reasons. 1) We have massive amounts of love for both of them and want their only physical contact to involve nakedness with us in the middle. 2) As much as we love 1D and respect their masculinity we do worry that TW would kick their arses if there ever was a fight.

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Anyway, this week Louis Tomlinson addressed competition rumours.

“We haven’t seen the boys, I’ve only read in the press what they might have said, but as far as where we stand I think it’s all pretty silly to be honest,” he told InDemand Radio.

“We are two boy bands but we actually make quite different music.”

We like it when Louis says “silly”; we think it might be his favourite word after “babe”... Yeah The Wanted could totally have him.

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