Bloody hell. We love Charlie Simpson.

Before he played  to a sold out KOKO in London last week, we sat down with the eyebrow wielding musical genius for a quick catch up, a chatter about the past year or so, and a little glimpse into his second album and any plans he has coming up for Fightstar.

charlie simpson at koko london

Then we went and bopped along to his show, and were pretty frickin' impressed when he splashed a treat in the middle of his Young Pilgrim set, in the form of Charlie and his brothers covering Bon Iver's Blood Banks. Stick THIS in yer pipe and smoke it; (if you want, we don't like to encourage smoking)

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Strewth, that was a bit brilliant.

When we spoke to Charlie last summer (watch that chat and an amazing acoustic of Down Down Down here) he had just played his first solo show in a teensy venue, and nearly threw up beforehand with nerves.

Now he's playing to hude sold-out crowds, has a second album planned, and can count the mighty Sugarscape as big fans. Charlie Sheen's not the only Chaz who's winning.

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