We shouldn't laugh at this, but some coffee did just spurt out of our nose (it was attractive). One Direction are said to be FURIOUS afer their American management are reported to have slapped a shag-ban on them while they're in the states.

They're said to want to keep the focus on music, not muff.

one direction sex ban in america

"[Niall's] raging about it, all the lads are," Niall's mate told The Sun.

"Four of them are single and they've been told to stay that way as it appeals to their American teen fans." Er, four? Surely it's three? Hmmm...

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"Niall's fighting off the women with his Irish accent and good looks, so he's having to live like a monk."

niall horan living as a monk one direction sex ban

"Niall and the boys are being kept on a really tight leash and it is tough for them. But they are so determined to make it work in the States they'll do whatever they are told.

"Quite simply a sex scandal over there would be the end of the band.

"[Harry's] come out of a relationship and wants to enjoy his freedom. But he's having to behave himself and keep the women at arm's length.

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"They are all young lads and they have urges like anyone else their age.

"And the worst thing is the American girls are literally throwing themselves at them so there is so much temptation in their way."

harry styles from one direction smiling thumb up white tshirt

We'd say Louis and Liam have probably managed to dodge all this as they've both got fairly long term girlfriends, but HAHA to the rest of the boys.

Sorry. It's really not funny.

*collapses in giggles*

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