One of our favourite things about The Wanted (besides from their faces and the joy of singing the line “I decided you look well on me” over and over) is the fact that they’ll say pretty much anything in interviews. Seriously, anything.

And while the boys’ dirtiness goes down very well with you unwholesome lot in the UK, they couldn’t help but worry that Americans would be deterred by the filth that comes out of their mouths.

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“You know what, for us we’ve always kept ourselves quite normal and not overly styled ourselves,” Tom Parker told Showbiz 411.

“We make ridiculous comments in interviews most of the time and we thought we’d have to change ourselves a little bit and become more media trained, but surprisingly the Americans like a bit of rough of there.”

Jay McGuiness added: “Yeah that’s it; the fear was that we’d ruin it.

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“They really liked the music from when we stayed here and the radios stations said they loved us and they liked the albums, and that they were totally interested, but we thought we’d ruin it. We went over and actually they liked us.”

Liking you lot? Imagine that.

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Or maybe Jay McGuiness having a w**k before going onstage is more your cup of chai?

If not we think them being nervous about TWAT will be perfect.

Ah no, we know what you need, Max George as a drunk naked nine-year-old.

Bloody love it, don’t we.

What do you think?