One Direction may be getting vitamin injections in their bums to give them superhuman powers, but that that hasn’t stopped their fans worrying about their health.

This week we reported that Harry Styles was feeling homesick, and many other Directioners took to Twitter to voice concerns that the boys were being worked too hard in the States. Soon #1DNeedsABreak was trending worldwide.

Here is what some of you Sugarscapers had to say on the matter.

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“I don't understand how people have only just picked up on this, I have been saying for a while that they are looking tired and are going to need a break. They are very dedicated to what they do but at the end of the day they are burning the candle at both ends and it's not good for them,” said Violi666.

JayByrd14 is worried about how their busy schedules are affecting their voices.

“I've been sayin they needed a break since the radio tour when their voices were all cracking. You can tell its taking a toll on them. I would have up and left and just went alone somewhere. [sic]”

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Djmalikismykryptonite thinks they’re beginning to show physical signs of exhaustion.

“The lads really need a break, they haven't gotten a lot of time off...personally I think they've gotten skinnier and more irritated; they're not as energetic at signings anymore... :/ xx That trend was important, the boys truly deserve and need a break x”

And Jazzy242 wants them to be chilled out and ready for their massive tour next year.

“they do need a break. they have worked so hard recently that they deserve to just chill. i hope that they get the opportunity to do this after they toured everywhere. we need them to be in fine form in 2013 ;) [sic]”

What do you think? Should the boys have a break or are these long hours and extensive touring just part of being in a band?

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What do you think?