This week tweets from One Direction's resident blonde, Niall Horan said they were in the studio with Justin Bieber, leading us to believe that the boys would be making sweet music together.

We were just starting to put measures in place to protect ovaries and hire mediators to stop the boys fighting over whose hair was better, when el Biebo's rep spoke up and ruined all the fun by saying it's not true.

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 "They just came by the studio and heard some of the album Beleive," the Official Spoiler of Fun told Gossip Cop.

Oh. Well we guess that's that then. Return to your days and and carry on dreaming of a time when Justin can sit down and watch Niall claim he's the Irish Bieber. Yeah we remember that too.

Sad, happy, indifferent that this isn't going ahead? Share your feelings here...

One Direction in the studio with Justin Bieber. World implodes.

One Direction get Bieber-ed.

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