There’s no denying the fact that One Direction are talented. They have topped the UK charts, broken heaps of US records and are generally adored everywhere else.

As it stands, One Direction have released three singles; What Makes You Beautiful, Gotta Be You and One Thing. And they have all been equally as toe tapping and catchy as the other, but which one wins our very own One Direction’s Best Single award?

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Decisions decisions.

One Direction Up All Night album artwork 

1D’s debut single What Makes You Beautiful scored them their first number one in the UK, Scotland and Ireland, got to number two on the New Zealand and the general European charts and number seven in both Australia and Canada!

So far, that single alone has sold 540,000 copies in the UK, 500,000 in the US.

That’s some pretty impressive facts and figures, right?

Oh, and WMYB also won them their first Brit Award for Best British Single.

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One Direction win Brit Award for What Makes You Beautiful

One Direction’s next single Gotta Be You was their second top ten hit, reaching number 3 on the UK and Irish charts and number two in bonnie Scotland.

There was also a very intense music video for the song, with lots of mysterious stares into the middle distance, much like on the single artwork. Sorry it's a tad on the blurry side.

One Directions Gotta Be You Single Artwork

And finally, One Thing, their most recent single, reached number nine in the UK charts, number eight in Scotland and Australia, number six in Ireland and number 4 in Hungary.

One Direction One Thing single artwork

So, in short, that’s three incredibly brilliant singles, all of which have done very very well. But, which one is your favourite? Let us know what you think.

At the moment we have a mix-up of all three stuck in our heads right now; something along the lines of ‘what makes you gotta be that one thing’. It’s tres confusing.

Oh, one last thing. Which song from Up All Night would you most love 1D to release as their next single?

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What do you think?