The managers of the American One Direction who are suing our One Direction have spoken out about their lawsuit plans against 1D and Simon Cowell.

Mamnager Dan O'Leary told The Sun that they "won't be pushed around," and that they "don't care how powerful Simon Cowell is."

one direction on being sued by one direction

The US One Direction have demanded a whipping $1 million (£630,000) in damages, along with THREE TIMES the profits made by the British One Direction so far, because they claim to have been using the name first.

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"I don't care how powerful Simon Cowell is. He's mad if he thinks we're going to lie down, sit down or back down over this - whatever power and money he has behind him," Dan continued.

"We're not going to be pushed around by some music mogul. The British One Direction have Mr Cowell's enormous resources behind them, we on the other hand do not. In our view, we were here first. We have rights, we have talent, and we have heart."

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one diection usa manager dan oleary on suing one direction and simon cowell

"My boy's dreams and the dreams of the band are just as important as the dreams of Cowell's group.

"It's black and white what's been done. We asked Simon Cowell to change their name before they came here but they ignored us, and now we're reluctantly at this point of legal action.

"The facts are that we were first to use the name 'One Direction'. We've been using it since November 2009 when, with big dreams and no money, we started to distribute demo CDs. "The British band did not come together as a group until almost a year later.

"We were the first to record an album."

harry styles from one direction is being sued by one direction

But Dan does say that despite all his ranting about Simon Cowell, he still wishes the One Direction UK lads all the best with their careers - just casually pushing aside the fact that he's trying to take their name away and rob all their money.

"To Zayn, Harry, Niall, Liam, Louis, we wish you all well, and many years of success," he said.

"There should be plenty of room for both bands to grow and thrive. We hope that this dispute will be resolved soon, and then all of us can focus on what we do best - making music."

Bloody hell. Let's watch the Larry Stylinson innuendo video again to take us back down to our normal levels of seriousness.


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