We like to think that at Sugarscape we are pretty clued up on all the One Direction knowledge out there, but now Harry Styles has apparently added yet another lady to his long list of new female ‘friends’ and to be honest, we’re starting loose our minds, just a little bit.

Harry Styles has ANOTHER lady friend?

So, forget Lily Halpern, or that 32 year old gal Jillian Harris who totally turned down our lovely Hazza, because the latest girl to be texting the curly haired cherub is a lady called Sarah-Louise Colivet.

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Apparently, since the Irish Sun revealed that 24 year old Sarah-Louise had a fling with Harry, she has been keeping a low profile.

But luckily for us, a loose-lipped source told The Irish Sun what the deal is with her at the moment:

“Sarah-Louis deleted her Facebook account within hours of the story getting out but she’s spoken to Harry since, they’ve been texting and are still in contact.

“They’re planning on meeting up again when 1D’s touring commitments ease up.

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“There’s no question of them being boyfriend and girlfriend or anything like that yet but they get on well and want to see more of one another.

“She rang home over the weekend to tell everyone she’s had a mad few days but that she’s fine.”

Harry Styles has another lady friend?

Erm, we’re sorry, we love Harry Styles as much as the next person (Louis) but this is getting a bit ridiculous now.

It seems that the only relationship we truly believe and put all of our trust in is that of Larry Stylinson.

That bromance will live on for the rest of eternity.

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What do you think?