So, does anyone remember, way back in the day when Harry Styles was just a young kid working in a bakery on Saturdays and ready to go back to school to study law, sociology and business.

Those were the days, eh?

Harry Styles would've been a physio

Well, in a recent interview, Harry actually claimed that, if he had not been put in a little known group called One Direction, he would be a physiotherapist:

‘I’d be studying I guess, I always wanted to be a physiotherapist and before I was in the band, I was studying, so I’d probably be working hard and studying for that.’

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We’re not quite sure how much a Law A-Level would’ve helped Harry become a Physiotherapist, but we suppose he would have been a very clever one which is nice.

Harry Styles would've been a physio

We don’t know about you guys, but we all decided that we’re very happy that Harry decided to audition for the X Factor, because if he had decided to go back to school, there wouldn’t have been any One Direction.

And that thought makes us sad.

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