Selena Gomez wasted no time when she saw Justin Bieber shooting some intimate scenes for his new video with a gal who looks mysteriously like her, making sure she was quickly sticking her tongue in Justin's mouth at any opportunity, reminding him she was right there watching.

justin bieber on set of his new video

Justin was filming in LA, and shot a handful of tender scenes with a brunette model, putting his hand on her cheek and looking like he was whispering about fondue in her ear.

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Cue Selena running up and wrapping her legs around him;

Because everything in life can relate back to a Friends episode, this reminds us when Rachel was jealous that Ross was gtaking his son on 'play-dates' with a kid whose mum was a stripper, so gave him a really hit kiss before he left.

"That's a kiss he won't forget to easily huh?"

"Either that, or you just really turned him on and sent him off to play with a stripper."

Just saying.

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