If we had to decide who in One Direction would die first in a Hunger Games situation we’d probably say Niall Horan. Sorry Niall, but we reckon you’d fart and get caught, or eat a bunch of poisonous berries before you’d even put some camouflage on.

The rest of the boys think differently though and in an interview with The Hot Hits revealed who they think would be killed off first.

“I would befriend someone who has a big gun; then Niall would get a big crossbow,” said Harry Styles.

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“I think you would be the first to go,” said Louis Tomlinson pointing at Hazza. “You or potentially Liam.”

“I’d be too brave, I’d just get angry,” said Liam.

“Someone would hurt me and I’d just be like AAGGGHHH.”

“Yeah that’s what I think,” agreed Luigi. “You’d be too brave, too much of a hero and someone would just come in and go [makes weird killing noise].”

Well we’re glad we’ve got that cleared. In most cases we’d recommend sticking with the dad of the group; but it looks like munching on dodgy berries with Niall, or even gazing at your refection in a lake for hours with Zayn Malik would be a safer option.

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