Justin Bieber played a few tracks from his album Believe to the press last night, and told us that his new sound was "something more mature," and that he was "singing about things [he's] going through."

justin bieber at his believe album playback in london

"Like that girl who said she was having my baby, Mariah Yeater," he went on.

"I wrote a song about that whole situation.

"I recorded 40 songs, and I don't want anyone to not hear them. Every song has a piece of me, we're just choosing which ones to go on the album now," he told us.

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justin bieber and reggie yates at his believe album playback

"I definitely have something to prove, everybody's waiting for this album.

"I thnk I did it justice and people are going to be blown away."

Check back for our write up of Justin's new songs later on today. OOH.

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