The rule is that when you’re in New Zealand you have to do The Haka. Honest, it’s an actual rule and you can spend up to five years in prison if you don’t adhere. Isn’t that right, Kiwi Scapers?

Luckily One Direction managed to do the dance for all to see when a fan requested it at one of their shows.


They also took had a go at rapping which was the perfect opportunity for Liam Payne to grab his Paynis, AGAIN.

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Plus, check out 3.49, there’s a strange moment between Harry Styles and Zayn Malik – are they about to kiss?





We must say that one of our highlights from that was Liam saying the ultimate dad joke: “Someone swallowed a different dictionary.” Oh Liam just hurry up and have sons and paint the shed, or whatever it is that dads like to do.

Enjoy all that?

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