One Direction's Harry Styles has probably been attached to the mouth of approx 2,865 girls and counting, but there was a time (wayyyyyy back) when Harry was just a regular bloke with a regular amount of lady action, remembers Felicity Skinner - reported to be his first girlfriend.

"We were together for just under a year," she told The People. "We started seeing each other when we were both about 15. He was really sweet.

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"He was a really good boyfriend, very romantic and, yes, shy. He was good looking and obviously I found him very attractive."

Felicity went on to say that she and Harry lost touch after they broke up, and don't stay in contact these days - although she does get a lot of Twitter follows from One Direction fans. Weird.

"Now we don't even talk any more. I haven't ever met any of the other One Direction boys. I don't really know why fans follow me. I do have a lot of fans getting in touch but I just expect it.

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"It was puppy love and we were definitely each other's first loves," Felicity goes on.

"There was no real reason why we split up. We just drifted apart"

So how is it for her now, seeing her first boyfriend become a worldwide superstar, lusted after by women internationally and a boy in his band?

"When Harry became famous I thought it was weird, because I knew him before all this happened and we had been boyfriend and girlfriend," she said.

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"But I don't really think about it any more. I think it's funny when I hear Harry on the radio and especially when a One Direction song comes on. I'm used to it now and I'm really proud of him.

"Still, I couldn't care less about the X Factor and, if I'm honest, One Direction's music is not really my cup of tea. Their songs are catchy, though."


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