Cher Lloyd is following in the footsteps of just about every UK act at the moment and heading off to America to show them what proper pop music sounds like, and snarl in their general direction.

Following her perfornances at SXSW earlier this year, Cher's released her USA video for Want U Back - and it's AWESOME.

cher lloyd want u back usa video

It's in an actual real life American Diner (from Cee Lo Green's Forget You video?), and we see all sorts of USA-esque things like burgers, fries and ketchup (we realise we have these in the UK too), and two different versions of Cher.

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cher lloyd want u back usa video

There's the colourful chirpy version, and the dark sinister version whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, wears leather and chains and is BADASS DINER CHICK.


cher lloyd want u back video

It also gets a bit sexy and leg-rubby at one point.

Generally it's a lot more fun and fiestier (we use that term sparingly so you know we mean it) than the British version - which we still love - but it's more fun seeing Cher get angry and up on her sassy horse. Who we imagine is called Lasquisha.


Watch Cher Lloyd's UK Want U Back video here

Behind the scenes of Cher Lloyd's Want U Back video

Cher Lloyd and her comic catsuit play G-A-Y

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