Oh look, it’s Jedward in green capes, larking about with loads of celebrities.

But before you turn away, the song and video is all for charity, which we think is lovely. (And on the plus side, it's pretty hilarious too, which makes the situation even better.)

Jedward Charity song!

You see, Jedward have put their green capes on in support of the Irish Football Team as they head to Poland to compete in the UEFA’s Euro 2012 competition.

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But, as with just about everything that Jedward do, there is something more to these shenanigans.

This track is also supporting the brilliant work of Jedward's favourite charity The ISPCC.

The ISPCC is the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, so all proceeds from this song are going directly to help them continue their fantastic work.

Ain’t that nice?

And for all of you who watching closely, how many famous faces did you recognize?

Let us know, we lost count.

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AGH: It’s Jedward with their secret brother!

What do you think?