Justin Bieber performed his new single Boyfriend live for the first time on the finale of The Voice USA.

You’ve seen him getting up close and intimate with a bevvy of girls in the Boyfriend video. Now prepare yourselves to see the whole thing again... live!

Wearing gold trainers and a gold studded jacket Bieber started his performance in what looks like a tunnel of lights.

Then he shimmies his way down some steps where he meets up with the girls before hitting the floor for an amazing dance routine.

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He busts some serious moves, but our favourite is a couple of smooth hip thrusts on top of a clear box (at 2.00 minutes in if you’re interested).

All in all, Bieber gave an AMAZING performance. Now we only wish he would go ahead and be our boyfriend and quit teasing us about it.

You can see the whole thing for yourself below…

What do you think of Justin’s performance? Are you impressed?

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What do you think?