Jay McGuiness has picked up the phone and spilled all his beans down it to Digital Spy - which, depending on the voice you use to read that out loud, could sound pretty filthy.

He revealed that despite The Wanted fannying about taking over the world in America, performing on every TV show that's ever been made, being really hot and twaping each other, there's a chance we could see a third album from them at the end of this year.

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jay mcguiness from the wanted on their third album

"They can't give us a date until we have some songs that we think we're ready for," he revealed.

"Our record label are really good at accommodating our writing needs. When we began, it was like, 'You've got three days, guys. Enjoy the album writing!' We had to fight a lot then, but now they're very much, 'How long do you think you'll need? Do you want to see other writers? Who do you want to write with?' It's nice to be catered to.

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"I think the end of the year is the aim, assuming we're not like. 'Sorry, we can't release this album as it's an absolute dog'.

the wanted

"We don't know really what direction we want go in. We're in a very party sound right now. I kind of feel like that music's going to change very soon. 'Chasing the Sun' is like, epic, in my opinion. I'm biased, obviously. And the next single is awesome.

"I think it's going to fit in nicely in how the music industry goes. We definitely want to work with Dappy. We've wanted to do that since the second album. It's just not happened. We're pencilling in writing time with him and a few others.

"Once we have about five or six songs, we'll see a vibe, but if not we'll just keep writing more songs and see what happens."

Read the full interview on Digital Spy here.

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