As you all know, Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron and Chris Hemsworth are heading up an all star cast in Snow White & The Huntsman, but as well as it being a kick-ass film, there is also some awesome music, courtesy of Florence + The Machine.

Florence and the Machine Breath of Life video

Now, they didn’t record the whole soundtrack, but simply provided a song called Breath of Life.

According to Florence, the song ‘is more from the perspective of the Queen’ which we found to be rather interesting.

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Florence + The Machine Breath of Life video

Florence continued: ‘It’s amazing to see something you’ve done in a tiny studio just turned into this orchestral magnificence.’

Check out the video, with loads of Snow White clips thrown in for good measure.

Has this video got you in the mood for seeing the film?

We can just about guarantee and we will be in the queues on opening night.

Kristen Stewart in new Snow White & The Huntsman trailer

Oh hello awesome new Snow White & The Huntsman clip

What do you think?