We've all seen the blog by that over-zealous One Direction fan who went to see the boys live and got WAY too excited, and expressed it by, er, paying her knickers a visit. With her finger. Pretty graphically.

Ok enough.

Digital Spy spoke to Niall Horan last night, and he admitted he'd read the "intimate" blog too.

niall horan on the fingering blog

"Yes I saw that! We see that sort of thing quite a lot," admitted Nialler.

"You can see girls getting too excited and they start crying or worse." Yes, we think we've all experienced the "or worse" scenario now thanks to one girl's graphic literature.

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"In a lot of these countries they don't get a lot of gigs to go to, so when they get to see their favourite artist they take full advantage of it. Obviously the excitement builds up too much for some on the night and they get a bit...crazy."

niall horan from one direction

"Sometimes I've seen some stuff that's a bit too much! Also, sometimes they'll queue outside a venue for ages for us in the freezing cold. Queuing tips for fans: wrap up and bring food!"

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