Zayn Malik and Perrie Edwards may be breathing the musky air of new love, but already the Little Mix singer is worried that Zaynster will cheat.

Despite Zayn promising to be faithful, Pedwards can’t help but worry that seeing all those screaming, booby baring girls on One Direction’s US tour will make Zayn want to touch them. Kind of.

“Although Zayn says he’s really into her, it seems Perrie is the more smitten of the two. She spends a lot of her time in the UK while Zayn is globetrotting with One Direction,” a source told heat magazine.

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“They have promised to be faithful to each other when they’re on tour... Perrie is more worried than Zayn. She knows that One Direction have a huge female fan base and girls are throwing themselves at the boys on a daily basis. Zayn has assured her nothing will happen while he’s away.”

We know exactly how she feels. When we were 16 we were seeing this guy who played bass in a ska punk band, they even gigged at the local YMCA. Anyway long story short, we were majorly concerned that one of the eight girls in the audience would be lured in by his nose ring and backing vocals on “To the Maxi(your)Mum” and do the dirty in the back of his Fiesta.

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