Yesterday, Olly Murs went on that popular TV show Daybreak and spoke about the fact that he was going to be joining One Direction on tour later than planned because he wants to play football.

We know people, we're as shocked as you.

Olly Murs is going to be late for the One Direction tour because of football

We know you’re all probably really upset by this revelation, but it is actually for a good cause, so we’ve just about managed to forgive him:

‘Well I’m supposed to be on tour with One Direction at the moment in American so I said to them there’s no way I can miss Soccer Aid, I had to be a part of it this year, so unfortunately I’m taking a week off of that to be here.

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Soccer Aid is a charity event to help raise money for UNICEF. Stars from across the globe including Mike Myers, Will Ferrel, Robbie Williams, Aston and Marvin from JLS and many others will come together to play each other in a mean game of football, all in the name of helping others.

Nice, eh?

But who is supporting One Direction in the meantime? WE NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS.

Olly Murs is going to be late for the One Direction tour because of football

Well, just to put our minds (and the fans' of course) at rest, the interviewer checked: ‘But then you’re going out to join One Direction pretty much as soon as Soccer Aid is done?’

Luckily Olly replied: ‘Yeah, I think I’m flying out on Monday morning, flying off to Canada to start the tour, it’s gonna be nuts.’

Oh Olly, we’re sure it will be.

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