One Direction and The Wanted are both taking over the world with their fit faces and lack of dance moves, and OH WE LIKE IT.

However, much has been said in the press about trouble brewing between the boy bands, and despite both sides saying the rumours are a load of crap, the only way to really prove this is to see what happens when both sides meet.

Are you ready for an incredibly dramatic quote from Niall Horan about? Oh we think you are...

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“We actually bumped into [The Wanted] in LA - we were in the same rehearsal studio,” he told Digital Spy.

“They were practicing for American Idol and we were rehearsing for SNL. We just said hello and stuff.”

Oh dear God, they said "hello and stuff"?

Hold the frickin’ phone, stop the bloody press, and send Niall and Jay McGuiness over to give us some back rubs... Oh we wonder if Jay and Harry Styles had a curly hair-off.

Read the full interview here on Digital Spy

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