Not many people know this, but One Direction is not Niall Horan’s only source of employment. In his spare time Niall likes to run the “I Love Olly Murs, I wish He Was My Husband And We Could Have Babies Together” fanclub. It’s true.

Even when we bumped into Nialler a few weeks back he was wetting his pants with excitement at going to Nando’s with the O-Man.

So it’s hardly a shock that he’s bouncing off the walls about Olly touring America with 1D, he reckons it’ll be a right laugh.

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“I’m excited about having Olly Murs out with us next week - he’s going to be a good laugh on the tour bus! He’s a good laugh and we get on really well,” he told Digital Spy.

“Hopefully he gets a massive response while supporting our tour and breaks America. He’s writing some massive songs with Claude Kelly at the moment.”

Yeah good laugh, massive an’ all that.

Could Niall be about to ditch Niam to become Nially?

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