For any of you who have a television and actually watch it from time to time, there is a chance you may have seen an advert by QualitySolicitors (we know this is not something we usually speak about on Sugarscape, but hear us out..) which includes a beautiful cover of ‘Hard Road To Travel’.

You see, what you may not know is the song is sung by a lady called Rachel K Collier and although you haven't heard of her, we reckon soon everyone will know who she is.

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NEW ARTIST ALERT: Rachel K Collier

Rachel is a 22 year old singer/songwriter from Swansea in Wales. QualitySolicitors picked up on Rachel’s cover of ‘Hard Road To Travel and decided to include it in their ‘For Whatever Life Brings’ television advert.

Check it out, but maybe have a box of tissues ready just in case.

Rachel’s track has proved very popular with the more than two million viewers of the advert on YouTube, which we think it rather impressive.

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There is even a video for the song, so if you fancy seeing Rachel doing her thing then take a watch of that as well.

Go on, you know you want to.

So if you’re just completely in love with the song and need to buy it so you can listen to it some more then you can head over to iTunes.


Oh, but before you do, how many of you had a secret blubber at the advert? Don't be shy, share with us.

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