This week Nathan Sykes mentioned that The Wanted and One Direction should get together and collaborate for a charity single. We told you lot (obviously, that’s our jobs), and let’s just say you all got a *little bit* excited.

“that. would. make. my. life. IT REALLY WOULD!! [sic]” said Fran_TW.

While Samanthaannel thinks a collaboration would be utter perfection.

“If the wanted and one direction did something together, I think it would amazing. I mean c'mon, anything these two bands do is perfect. Am I right? [sic]”

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And AmazaynNiam made some pretty ecstatic noises:

“YES. YES. I love The Wanted's music....I don't really know them but they seem like nice lads. Then 1D are just......well they're 1D aren't they? This should happen!”

However this is one concern that Charitehh has very sensibly raised:

“i have a feeling doctors wont allow this.. not enough women donate ovaries. [sic]”

So Directioners and TWFanmliy have spoken: THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN. Even if the release of the video will make Sugarscape crash for hours.

Reckon you lot should trend it on Twitter until the boys agree; oh go on!

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