Cooler than thou indie rockers Kasabian have gone and got their knickers in a right ol’ twist over “five little d*cks” called One Direction.

The British band are mightily bothered that after a hard slog at trying to break America, 1D have done it in the time it takes most people to sneeze.

In an interview with Gigwise, frontman Tom Meighan said: "It's frustrating when you see five little d*cks like that take over America, it's horrific but you've just got to get on with it. They're a boyband for God's sake and there will always be room for boybands."

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Then, like a modern day Marie Antoinette with stubble he added: "They're kids. Let them eat the candy."

Be careful Tom they might eat your candy too.

Speaking about his band’s experience of touring the US, the singer said: “We went to America and it was a harsh f**king tour we did. We did nearly eight weeks out there and it was f**king gruelling.

“It was the hardest we've ever been pushed. We did well, we won the war on terror on that one. We've got to keep going back and back."

Someone get Louis Tomlinson in to give him a shoulder rub, that should make everything better.

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