One Direction performed in Toronto last night, and although we’re sure it was a fabulous concert (as always) there were some pretty funny photos taken of the lads, so we’re going to show you our personal favourites.

First up is this lovely group shot.

One DIrection performing in Toronto

We just wanted to ease you in slowly with the strange expressions, so we're going to direct your attention towards Liam Payne first. Was he getting in the mood for some slow grooving?

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Next up is this one of Harry.

One Direction performing in Toronto

If you would allow us to take a wild guess at what he might of said, it would probably be something along the lines of: ‘Lady, you will not record me on your camera, ask to touch my hair or fangirl for the rest of the concert.’

Next up is another group photo, except you can only see a wisp of Niall’s blonde hair and nothing else, so it's not really a group shot, but still.

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One Direction performing in Toronto

Zayn looks like he is about to sneeze, while Louis and Liam look like they’ve both spotted the something happening out in the audience.

Maybe it’s someone complaining of exploded ovaries because Harry smiled in such a way that his dimples were perfectly on show.

And finally, our favourite one from the evening is definitely..

One Direction performing in Toronto


Harry is casually trying to sing his part and Louis is walking behind him like he’s just been bought back to life after some sort of zombie apocalypse.

And Niall’s side is glowing – someone should really tell him about that.

Was anyone at the concert who may be able to tell us what on earth was going on?

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