One Direction are surrounded by so much oestrogen in the form of screaming girls that we’re shocked they haven’t started to grow boobies and have periods. *Shudders.*

Because of the above scientific reason, it’s only fair that the boys might want some males around. That or it would be pretty cool to take over the boy world as well as the girl world.

“Boy fans? Yeah we wanna see more of them,” said Niall Horan to Fresh FM. “That’s what we aim to do.

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“When we see them in the crowd we’re like ‘Yeah this is cool’, ya know. Obviously we’re 90% girls, but we wanna try and expand.”

Hmmm if 1D had boy fans... what would they be like...? Well you girly types like to say your ovaries have exploded, so what would the boys say? That they’re testi...EUGH! TOO MUCH.


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