Louis Tomlinson has revealed that he and the rest of the One Direction lads have been trying their hand at songwriting – and have drawn inspiration from their lovely girlfriends.

Altogether now, dawwwww.

Louis Tomlinson: One Direction write songs about their girlfriends


Speaking to HollywoodLife.com, Luigi was asked if the band would be writing songs about their gal-pals for the new album.

“Yeah we did,” he admitted, “Well me, Liam and Harry started writing a song and then Zayn came and got involved as well.”

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“We’re writing songs about being away from home, being away from girlfriends, that kind of thing,” he added.

One Direction write songs about their girlfriends


SUPER SWEET MUCH? We can’t wait to hear the results of these ballad-writing efforts. Although we’re struggling to think of much that rhymes with Danielle. Or Eleanor.

And where the hecky peck was Nialler when all this was going on? Probably penning a couple of verses about his love for Nando’s chicken.

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