Zayn Malik is quite the tease, isn’t he? One minute he’s busy being all mysterious and hardly saying a word and the next minute he’s telling his over three million Twitter followers that he’s having a bath.

Zayn Malik tweets from his bathtub

Now, we don’t want to excite you unnecessarily, but we believe that it is tradition to get butt naked before heading into a tub of water, so we can only presume that Zayn was doing exactly that.

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Just look at this tweet:

Zayn Malik tweets from his bathtub

Thumbs up indeed.

We’re sure you were as excited as we were when Zayn shared this information.

But not in a dodgy way.


Zayn Malik tweets from his bathtub

So, now there is only one thing left for us to ask, and that is, do you think he's the kind of guy who has bubbles in his bath?

We think it's pretty obvious that he wears a shower cap whenever he has a bath or shower (and probably when he shaves), but we just can't decide if he goes for bubbles or not.

Mull that thought over and get back to us.

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What do you think?