When someone says McFly, what do you think of? Catchy songs perhaps? Maybe a bit of Back To The Future mixed in there? Girls with five colours in their hair?

All of those would be completely feasible thoughts, but we’re 99% sure ‘racecourse’ doesn’t spring to mind, right?

Well, McFly’s latest gig was at a racecourse.


Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter performing at a racecourse

We don’t think racecourses are the best place to rock out, but hey, what do we know. The lads certainly looked like they had a whole heap of fun.

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Especially Tom and Danny...

Tom Fletcher and Danny Jones at a racecourse

They performed all their hits, including Five Colours In Her Hair (our personal favourite).

They also sung a new song entitled Touch The Rain which seemed to go down pretty well.

We’re glad to see McFly all back together after going off and getting married, living in a jungle and dancing a Foxtrot.

We just hope they just hurry up and release some new music soon, we can’t wait much longer.

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McFly recording new album on Welsh island

What do you think?