Since Cheryl Cole flung herself into a pile of men on The Voice and performed Call My Name, a raging debate over whether she was miming or not has been battling on. It's all been very intense.

She told the BBC that she takes miming accusations as a compliment, and told us that she was singing live, but to a backing track.

cheryl cole interview with sugarscape about miming on the voice

"It's a live vocal to - yes - a backing track," said Cheryl, while seducing us with her glossy lips and big shiny hair, and luring us into loving her forever with her big beautiful eyes and blissful accent of joy Subconsciously.

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"And I have backing vocals because you have to. Otherwise all you would hear would be breath."

cheryl cole interview about swan dive and miming on the voice

Bezzie mate Will.I.Am's presence in the front row managed to calm Cheryl's nerves about returning to the stage.

"It takes me right back to when i went on tour with The Peas," she revealed.

"Will used to come on stage sometimes, and sometimes just come to the front to watch the show, so I found a massive comfort in the fact he was there."

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She also told us how she very nearly backed out of the swan-dive, and that the choreographer had to sign her life away in case she hurt herself might-flight. The bloody drama of it all.


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