There has been a bit of a feud building between Rita Ora and Calvin Harris over Call My Name, the single which catapulted Cheryl Cole to number one.

Some things have been said, some words have been twisted and then it all reached breaking point, over Twitter that is.

Calvin Harris and Rita Ora fall out

You see, Rita Ora was recently quoted saying: ‘I heard Call My Name a while ago because I was offered it. I turned it down. I do like the song but I didn’t want to sing it ‘cos it’s not really me.

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‘I don’t want to go down the dance route that a lot of other pop stars are doing. I prefer to have my own sound an do my own thing.’

And that all seemed fair enough at the time, until a few days ago Calvin Harris, writer and producer of the hit, took to Twitter to dispel some rumours: ‘For the record, Call My Name was never given to Rita Ora to sing… she made that up, don’t know why.’

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Rita then furiously tweeted: ‘See what I dn’t understand is y dn’t people @ your name when they talk about u? So for the record don’t believe media when they twist s***’.

Calvin then directly replied to Rita saying: ‘@RitaOra here calm down! I was setting the record straight as you didn’t at the time. It as a disrespectful comments to make, that’s all.’

Calvin Harris and Rita Ora fall out

Rita then concluded: ‘I hate beef and fighting.. So I love u all @calvinharris call me ill explain wat actually happened they twisted it and congratulations. X’

Calvin then replied: ‘me too, thank you luv + good luck with everything!’

So, has everything been forgotten in the musical world of Rita Ora and Calvin Harris? We hope so, but there is still one unanswered question; who started up the fib in the first place? Oh how we wish we could listen in to their phone conversation.

Rita shouldn’t really be worrying too much about all this, because she played her track How We Do for the first time on Capital FM yesterday, so she obviously still has other songs to fall back on.

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