Daniel Radcliffe has now proved himself to be a quadruple thread. He's successfully acted in films, on Broadway and the West End, presented a television show (Saturday Night Live) and now lent himself to a music video.

We won a cake eating competition when we were seven and have been riding off that ever since.

Daniel Radcliffe in a music video

For anyone who fancies a bit of a badassy DanRad this is probably the video for you. There are absolutely no wands, lightening shaped scars or mad blokes with no noses wanting to kill. Nope.

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This is Daniel as you’ve probably never seen him before – waking up in a pub and drinking out of half empty glasses.

Oh, and he also has a girls singing voice.

We’re sure Slow Club (the band who wrote the song) were delighted to have Daniel in the video for Beginners (when we weren’t busy staring at Dan and actually listened to the song, we liked it) but he isn’t the only Potter star to have a role in a music video.

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Here’s Rupert Grint in Ed Sheeran's video for Lego House.

We’re guessing you have probably seen this video before, considering it has over 31 millions hits, but it’s friggin’ awesome.

So there.

And here's Emma Watson in One Night Only's video for Say You Don't Want It.

A good video until Emma turned into a dog. But whatever. 

So, which Potter star’s role is your favourite? Or can you just not decide?

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