One Direction have a history with older ladies admiring them, and according to Liam Payne it's becoming a bit much for the boys to handle.

The women can handle it fine - in fact, there's not enough for them to get their hands on by the sounds of things.

one direction

"The mums are fearless," Liam told The Sun.

"They will grab and pinch and it gets quite tricky."

"They suggest things," added Zayn.

Obviously this doesn't bother Harry in the slightest - he's practically in his element, telling the paper that he appreciates any fans from gals to grannies, and would date anyone and everyone in between.

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"I would not have a problem as long as they were nice and made me smile," he said.

one direction and older fans

We note Louis has stayed out of this, probably dashing off to join his local bingo club and make some sausage plaits to try and seduce Hazza.

Niall's probably just enjoying the grabbing - unless the cougars have cottoned on and brought him some chicken, in which case we doubt we'll ever see his face again.

Let's take a moment of silence, for Niall. *sob*

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