Comedian Jimmy Carr faced a BARRAGE of mockery on the latest episode of 8 out of 10 cats - as the panel poked fun at his involvement in a tax scandal.

Yeah, so it's actually a serious government issue and all that - but you know what? It's also hilarious. Well, when Sean Locke, John Richardson and Co. get involved, it is.

Jimmy Carr on 8 out of 10 cats

Jimmy has been all over the papers in the last week, after it was revealed that he's only been paying a measly 1% in tax, despite the huge amount of dosh he pockets each year.

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(That's as techinical as we're going to be able to get on the whole issue, we're afraid - we do celebs, not finance)

And seems a whole load of you guessed that Jimmy wasn't going to get away with glossing over his front-page antics, because 2.18 million (that's over 1m extra viewers than the week before) tuned in to watch him get a right old ribbing.

Jimmy Carr gets ribbed on 8 out of 10 cats

Speaking about the moment he heard Jimmy was on the front page, Sean Locke - team captain on the comedy panel show - admitted that he was expecting a lot worse.

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"I was expecting to see one of those white police tents in the background, and a copper holding a laptop in a see-through carrier bag," he joked.

Adding: “We all like to put a bit of money away for a rainy day, don't we? But I think you're more prepared than Noah."

Watch the episode below and tell us what you think!

It's Louis Tomlinson vs. Jimmy Carr, ding ding ding!

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