We’re pretty sure that, if Harry Styles could, he would tweet and talk about Coldplay all day long.

He has professed his love for the band many times and we reckon that Harry probably likes to think of himself as a young, curly haired Chris Martin.

Harry Styles loves Coldplay

However, after what was handily caught on film for us all to share, we think it’s fair to say that Harry probably went into complete fangirl meltdown after hearing Chris Martin say ‘that’s what makes you beautiful’ right in the middle of one of Coldplay’s classic songs Yellow.

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He even tweeted about this video, saying:

‘Good night guys… I leave you with the best video I’ve ever seen. This was incredible.’

HOLY COW. Take a look..

He also tweeted this rather impressive photograph of the concert, and we must admit, we kinda wish we were there too.

Isn’t it funny to think that the first song One Direction sung on the X Factor was Coldplay’s hit Viva La Vida, and now that very band have sung One Direction’s song (well, a bit of it) right back to them?


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