One Direction are following in the footsteps of Justin Bieber and launching their own range of headphones, which will hit the shelves later this year. Huzzah.

The global brand that is 1D continues to grow with the addition of electronic goods  – branded microphones, walkie talkies, alarm clocks, karaoke machines and stero systems will also be released in the autumn.

One Direction launch headphones

The range has been licensed by toy makers Jazwares - who made the usual statement about being "thrilled" to work with the boys, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera - and will be available in THESE places: Ireland, UK, USA, Latin America and Canada.

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Be honest - you held your breath as you desperately scanned that list for your country, didn't you?

Now, we’ve had a little think and we’ve got a few ideas for the upcoming products. See if you agree, or have any suggestions of your own.

Alarm Clock


- The alarm clock should play 'What Makes You Beautiful', obviously. Getting up in the morning would be an absolute doddle with that little ditty ringing in our ears.

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- It should should also probably be a lifesize replica of Harry Styles head. (Other members of One Direction available.)

- The stereos should play NOTHING but One Direction CD’s. That way, the next time our little brother tries to hijack the sound system, he’ll find his music is simply not accepted. If it aint 1D, it aint playing, sunshine.

One Direction launch headphones

- We’re SLIGHTLY confused about the walkie-talkie range, because we’re not sure who actually uses those apart from the police – and we’re not sure a One Direction branded uniform would go down too well in the office.

Still, perhaps the most ‘enthuastic’ One Direction fans will use them to communicate as they stalk the boys.

What do you think about all this then?

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What do you think?