If, like us, you’ve nearly worn out your copy of the One Direction ‘Up All Night’ DVD - and can pretty much quote it word for word, lyric for lyric all the way through – well we have good news.

Because a brand spanking new DVD featuring the boys is set to be released on Monday!

One Direction new DVD

We’ll just take a break here for a minute, to give you a chance to finish your dance around the room/squeals of delight/ovary explosions.

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OK. Unauthorised Biography, ‘One Direction: The Only Way is Up’ tracks the boys' rise to fame - from their very first X Factor auditions to ‘global superstardom’.

 One Direction New DVD

It also includes interviews with Simon Cowell, Piers Morgan, Zac Efron, Kelly Rowland, members of the cast of Glee and many others – which is possibly the most random selection of famous people EVER.

Apart from Uncle Simon, obvs.

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Now, let us just draw your attention to the bottom of the DVD for a moment, where you’ll see something rather interesting.

One Direction new dvd

Yes, that does say, ‘Presented by Sinitta’.

Errr, WHY IS SINITTA PRESENTING A 1D DVD? We hope she’s managed to find something other than palm fronds to drape her naked body with.

Whaddya think, will you be rushing out to pick up a copy on Monday?

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What do you think?