Being self-proclaimed One Direction experts and obsessives, we've seen a fair few parody videos of What Makes You Beautiful during our time on this beautiful-boy-cladden earth.

Let's be honest (we're all friends here) most of them are CRAP, but personal favourites include The One With The Babies, The One With The Gays, and now, this one, courtesy of the President of the United States of America.

Admittedly it's not quite as catchy as the original; the guitar's a bit off and it reminds us of when we had that awkward dream about doing drunk karaoke with Stephen Hawking, but still, a fine addition to our stash of favourites we're sure you'll agree.

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one direction and barack obama

We can totally see the boys getting invited to the White House after this - although the Obama daughters are both well under the age of 32, so Hazza might not fancy sticking around.

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One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful video DONE BY BABIES

One Direction "You're a homoesexual" video parody

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